Summer Term 2015 - Block 2: Historical & Social Interpretation - ANTH-1063-01

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Course Section Number: ANTH-1063-01
Title: Culture, People and Nature: General Anthropology
Status: Open
Synonym: 75689
Block: Block 2: Historical & Social Interpretation
Course Description: Survey of the four sub-fields of anthropology: physical or biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology, integrated to present a coherent picture of the origins, development, and diversity of humanity and its past and present cultures.
Comments: Block II
Meeting Times: KH 140 MTWTHF 10:20AM-12:00PM
(June 29-July 31)
Instructor: Foster H
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity
Author: Kottak
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Edition: 14
ISBN: 9780078116995
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $166.00
Required: Required
Comments: This edition may be purchased from an online retailer