Summer Term 2015 - Chemistry - CHEM-2023-01

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Course Section Number: CHEM-2023-01
Title: Chemical Concepts of Energy Technology
Status: Open
Synonym: 75404
Block: Block 3: Scientific Investigation
Course Description: Provides the chemical basis behind energy production and energy transformations, especially as they are relevant to social demands. Chemical fuels, the process of oxidation and reduction, batteries, fuel cells, production of hydrogen, the chemical cycles, solar energy collection, pollution related to energy production, and nuclear energy. This class cannot be taken for credit if CHEM 2024 has been completed for credit.
Comments: Block III
Meeting Times: KEP U2 MTWTHF 10:20AM-12:00PM
(June 29-July 31)
Instructor: Purser G
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Energy, Environment, and Climate
Author: Wolfson
Publisher: Norton
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 9780393912746
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $91.66
Required: Required