Summer Term 2015 - Block 2: Historical & Social Interpretation - ES-2073-01

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Course Section Number: ES-2073-01
Title: Professional Ethics in the Information Age
Status: Open
Synonym: 75211
Block: Block 2: Historical & Social Interpretation
Course Description: Introduction to workable ethical frameworks: Kantianism; Relativism; Utilitarianism; Social Contract Theory. Discussions of case studies in professional ethics, codes of ethical behavior and responsibility for the professional societies; ethical standards relating to responsible computing including thrust, privacy, ownership, security, safety, honor codes and social responsibility. CS and IT majors may not take this course for degree credit.
Comments: (see CS 2103)
Block II
Meeting Times: RH 2045 MTWTHF 02:00PM-03:40PM
(May 26-June 26)
Instructor: Diaz J C
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Ethics for the Information Age
Author: Michael J Quinn
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Edition: 6th
ISBN: 0133741621
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $102.20
Required: Required