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Summer Term 2020 - Master of Energy Business - MEB-7993-TS

as of 10/12/20 08:03AM

Course Section Number: MEB-7993-TS
Title: Directed Research in Energy Business
Status: Open
Synonym: 03959
Online: No
Course Description: A guided seminar designed to teach research skills, writing skills, critical thinking, and information synthesis that are useful to energy business. With instructor guidance, students conduct independent research on a contemporary topic of interest from the energy business arena.
Requisite Courses: None
Comments: Internet offering.
Permission of instructor required.
Web cam and mic may be required.
Meeting Times: ARR ARR TBA TBA -
Instructor: Seng T
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Books shown on Independent Study form
Publishers Suggested Retail Price:
Required: No Book Required
Comments: Check with Instructor