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Fall Term 2021 - Comm. Dis./Spee Path - CDSP-4063-01

as of 02/28/22 04:02PM

Course Section Number: CDSP-4063-01
Title: Speech and Hearing Science
Status: Open
Instructional Method: Lectures
Course Description: An introduction to the production and perception of speech. The physiology and acoustics of speech and hearing processes are emphasized.
Requisite Courses: Prerequisite: CDSP 3203.
Meeting Times: CH 254 TTH 02:00PM-03:15PM
Instructor: Thompson Stanton S
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Speech Science: An Integrated Approach to Theory and Clinical Practice
Author: Ferrand, Carole
Publisher: Pearson
Edition: 4th
ISBN: 9780134481456
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $137.10
Required: Required