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Fall Term 2021 - Chemical Engineering - CHE-1123-01

as of 02/28/22 04:02PM

Course Section Number: CHE-1123-01
Title: Introduction to Indoor Air Quality
Status: Open
Block: Block 3: Scientific Investigation
Instructional Method: Lectures
Course Description: Explores the fundamental concepts of air quality in the indoor environment. General topics of contaminants, sources, moisture, bioaerosols, investigation methods, prevention and control options are included. Public policy related to poor indoor air quality is also included. Same as BIOL 1123.
Requisite Courses: None
Comments: Block III, See Biol-1123
Meeting Times: LH 207 M 06:00PM-08:45PM
Instructor: Shaughnessy R
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Indoor Environmental Quality
Author: Godish
Publisher: Lewis
Edition: Paper Alk
ISBN: 9781566704021
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $108.00
Required: Optional