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Fall Term 2021 - Master of Bus Administration - MBA-7003-01

as of 02/28/22 04:02PM

Course Section Number: MBA-7003-01
Title: Preparing, Understanding, and Using Financial Statements
Status: Open
Instructional Method: Lectures
Course Description: To understand the use of accounting for both internal decision making and external reporting. Emphasis is from a user perspective that introduces students to managerial issues and the creation and analysis of financial statements.
Requisite Courses: None
Meeting Times: HELM 214 T 06:00PM-08:45PM
Instructor: Holman B
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Financial & Managerial Accounting for MBA's, 6e
Author: Easton/Halsey/McAnally
Publisher: Cambridge Business Publishers
Edition: 6th
ISBN: 9781618533593
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $200.00
Required: Required
Comments: Course also requires access to Access cost
varies depending on what type of book format is ordered for the
textbook. Contact instructor for additional information.