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Spring Term 2021 - Accounting Online - ACCT-4253-01

as of 10/05/21 08:02AM

Course Section Number: ACCT-4253-01
Title: Cpa Review Preparation
Status: Open
Instructional Method: Online - Asynchronous Course
Course Description: Prepares the student to sit for the Uniform CPA exam by systematically reviewing topics covered in the exam. The primary goal of the course is to take the rules and concepts studies in the accounting curriculum and incorporate them into a comprehensive understanding of the accounting framework. Pass/fail. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
Requisite Courses: None
Comments: Instructor Permission Required
Meeting Times: ARR ARR TBA TBA -
Instructor: McCrary M
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Becker CPA Exam Review Course
Author: Becker
Publisher: Becker
ISBN: noisbnacct62532019
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $3,499.00
Required: Required
Comments: Please contact Professor McCrary for information BEFORE
ordering. Self-study CPA exam format. Purchase at