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Spring Term 2021 - History Online - HIST-2363-01

as of 10/05/21 08:02AM

Course Section Number: HIST-2363-01
Title: Medieval World
Status: Open
Block: Human/Cultural/Gender Diversity
Instructional Method: Online - Synchronous Course
Course Description: The origins and development of Mediterranean and European nations from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Reformation, with emphasis on topics such as the rise of the medieval church, the birth of Islam, the Crusades, the crisis of church and state, and the nature of feudal politics and economics.
Requisite Courses: None
Comments: Block II
Human/Culture/Gender Diversity
Meeting Times: ARR ARR MWF 01:00PM-01:50PM
Instructor: Arnold J
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Medieval Europe
Author: Bennett
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Edition: 11th
ISBN: 9780073385501
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $76.36
Required: Required
Comments: $40. Coursepack on Harvey

Book Title: The Song of Roland
Author: Sayers
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Edition: Reprint
ISBN: 9780140440751
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $14.00
Required: Required