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Spring Term 2021 - Mechanical Engineer Online - ME-6053-01

as of 10/05/21 08:02AM

Course Section Number: ME-6053-01
Title: System Dynamics and Control
Status: Open
Instructional Method: Online - Synchronous Course
Course Description: Dynamic modeling and feedback control of electrical, mechanical, fluid and thermal systems, and combinations. Classical control theory, Laplace transforms, time domain and s-plane analysis, stability theory, root-locus and/or frequency-based design, transient response and sensitivity analysis. Usage of modern design/analysis tools such as MATLAB and Simulink. Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory per week.
Requisite Courses: None
Meeting Times: ARR ARR TTH 12:30PM-01:45PM
Instructor: Mohan R
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Control Systems Engineering
Author: Nise
Publisher: Wiley
Edition: 8th
ISBN: 9781119721406
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $166.95
Required: Required