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Spring Term 2022 - Law - LAW-6272-03

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Course Section Number: LAW-6272-03
Title: Legal Writing III
Status: Clsd
Instructional Method: Lectures
Course Description: Legal Writing III provides additional instruction in legal research, analysis, and writing with a focus on more advanced written and oral advocacy. Working all semester with a case file of pleadings and discovery, students write both a trial and appellate brief. Students also prepare an oral appellate argument.
Requisite Courses: None
Meeting Times: LAW 2442 TTH 09:00AM-10:15AM
Instructor: Bucholtz B
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Practicing Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy Case File III
Author: Miller, et al
Publisher: Aspen
ISBN: 9780735556645
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $77.00
Required: Required

Book Title: Little Black Book
Author: Bucholtz, et al
Publisher: Carolina
ISBN: 9780890895122
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $15.00
Required: Required