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Spring Term 2022 - Mathematics - MATH-4373-01

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Course Section Number: MATH-4373-01
Title: Mathematical Concepts and Reasoning
Status: Open
Instructional Method: Lectures
Course Description: Topics in mathematics relevant to the teaching of mathematics in elementary and middle schools, including geometry, logic, mathematical problem solving, and use of technology in the teaching of mathematics. This is the capstone mathematics course for elementary education majors.
Requisite Courses: Prerequisites: MATH 1053, MATH 1083, STAT 2013, and junior standing.
Meeting Times: KEP 3050 TTH 02:00PM-03:15PM
Instructor: Adams K
Books and Supplies
Book Title: Math for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach with Manipulative Kit
Author: Bennett, Burton, Nelson, Ediger
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
Edition: 10
ISBN: 9781259542213
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $184.50
Required: Required