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Spring Term 2022 - Philosophy - PHIL-1003-01

as of 08/18/22 08:02PM

Course Section Number: PHIL-1003-01
Title: Socrates to Sartre: Ideas That Shaped Our World
Status: Open
Block: Block 2: Historical & Social Interpretation
Instructional Method: Lectures
Course Description: Major ideas, figures, and movements in philosophy that have shaped Western thought and heritage from the beginnings of Greek thought to the present, including the broad historical and cultural context in which these ideas emerged.
Requisite Courses: None
Comments: Block 2
Meeting Times: CH LH TTH 09:30AM-10:45AM
Instructor: Futch M
Books and Supplies
Book Title: The Norton Introduction to Philosophy
Author: Gideon Rosen (Author), Alex Byrne (Author), Joshua Cohen (Author), Elizabeth Harman (Author), Seana
Publisher: Norton
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 9780393624427
Publishers Suggested Retail Price: $75.62
Required: Required